Rates and Booking Info

The rate I charge is not based on the amount of time I perform but rather based on my experience and the quality of music I provide. My background is in solo and pipe band competition that has taken me all over the world – including competing in highest level in pipe bands and having studied world renowned piping instructors. You can get cheaper, but you won't always be guaranteed the quality.

I charge by the event, not by the hour. Like most hired musicians, a funeral service in a church and a graveside service are considered separate events. A discount is offered for playing both.

Service: $250
Service + Graveside: $300
Travel fee: see below

Service (typical 1 hour service): $125
Travel fee: see below

There are no travel fees for events in the greater Wooster area (25 mile radius calculated from the U.S. Post Office in Wooster, OH). There will be a travel fee for any event outside that area. A fee of $50 will be added if the event is 25-50 miles away.

It is important to note that there are occasions when I have the right to refuse playing outside. These situations include harm to my pipes or me and involve extremes in weather (tornado-like conditions, etc.).

I accept cash or check. I require payment on the day of the event and prior to playing. I have unfortunately experienced the awkwardness of trying to track down the payment after a very emotional funeral. So, I respectfully ask that you “pay the piper” before the event starts. Thank you.