Piping Services

I perform for large and small functions, including weddings, funerals, church services, retirements, golf outings, parties, etc. Please see below for more information or contact me.

Bagpipes at Weddings
Bagpipes at Funerals
Bagpipes at Special Events


Suggestions of when to play

There are multiple times pipes can be played on the wedding day. The following are some of the more common opportunities:

- The Groom's Entrance
- Seating of the Mothers
- Bridesmaids’ Processional
- The Bride's Processional
- The Recessional
- The newlywed's "get-away" as they are heading to the reception

A piper may also be requested to play at the wedding reception. The time to use a piper may include:
- Welcoming guests as they arrive
- During a portion of the cocktail hour
- Announcing the arrival of the newlyweds by piping them to the head table
- Piping a dance for the newlyweds and/or wedding party

To reserve a date, or with any questions about how a piper can enhance your wedding day, please contact me and I will reply shortly via email or phone call.

- Suggestion on where to play -

I have piped in a variety of different locations including the front and back of the church, choir lofts, piping down the aisle, etc. I have been requested to be more visible during the service and other times to only be heard from a back room. The choice is completely up to you.


The distinctive sound of bagpipes communicates and expresses the many deep emotions of losing a loved one.

As you plan this time to remember and honor the life of someone close to you, I will gladly work with you and the funeral home/church to ensure that the bagpipes best compliment your service.

- Suggestions of when to play -
If you have never heard a bagpiper at a funeral or memorial service, or if you unfamiliar with how the bagpipes are typically used, the following is a list of suggested times to play:

At a funeral, a piper may play:
- As the casket is carried into the church
- As part of the service
- As the casket is carried out of the church
- As the casket is carried to the burial site
- At the end of the interment service... a piper in the distance

At a memorial a piper may:
- Pipe the processional or prelude
- Play as part of the service
- Pipe the recessional or postlude


Add the distinctive sound of bagpipes to your special events! The following are some examples of special events at which I have piped.
- Church services
- Birthdays
- Anniversaries
- Pool parties
- St. Patrick’s Day celebrations
- Grand openings
- Robert Burns' suppers
- Retirements
- Golf outings
- School activities
- “Happy Birthday” telegrams

- RATES for special events -
Because the time commitment and details vary widely from one event to another, please contact me for a quote for your special event.